aji winter garden

prepping blueberries, lemon verbena and chili peppers for overwintering  (stainbrook). homemade pizza from the garden. aji chirel de colores, decorativo y delicioso, buenisimo para el reumatismo. fall gardening. in addition to the fabulous drinks are a variety of ceviche and tiraditos  like the aji amarillo tiradito with fluke, chalaca, sweet potato and cancha. baby pepper plants: bell peppers, cayennes, jalapenos, and aji. aji amarillo grande. aji angelo and aji golden. the next dish nods to both peru and japan: the fried shiso leaf is an item  you\u0027ll find at japanese tempura houses, but the sandy texture of the crisp  fried . delicious aji peppers introduced to us in peru!.

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